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Brewy Mail

July 14, 2021

You can check this hacky experiment out here.
If you're a fan of Morning Brew like me you might like this tool. I really like the way they style their newsletter and wanted to see if I can build a tool that allows me to create something similar to those beautiful little blurbs. And so after a hard fought 24 hour battle with code, I present to you Brewy Mail ☕ 😀 The tool is supposed to be super simple. No signups or logins. Just add the cards, edit them, and copy paste over to your gmail. You can do most of the usual formatting inside the tool but for more advanced editing like changing colors and fonts the easiest way is to copy over your generated skeleton and do it in gmail. The data is stored locally on your browser so you won't lose it if you refresh or exit the page. You can clear out the data with a button or when you delete browser data. If you're curious about the journey to build this I documented it in this thread.
You can check this hacky experiment out here.