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Life Like Tales

July 23, 2021

You can check this hacky experiment out here.
I've always wanted to tell a story visually.
Ideally create an anime but since I don't have any talent for art I try to use hacky tools to help me.
In this story I used some machine learning models that let you create really cool zoom effects that give life to photos.
Overall I like the effect and even created a youtube video with slides but it's not quite a movie. But imagine if this improves what we could do!
  • Text -> Artwork gets you from a written story to manga (this is probably the hardest step)
  • 3d-photo-inpainting / other effects + music -> get you to an mvp for a short film / movie
Hopefully one day we can take our stories and some model which can breathe life into them. The pace of improvement in this area with models like StyleGAN and GPT-3 make me optimistic that we are closer to this than most people think!
You can check this hacky experiment out here.