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Next Tails

July 24, 2021

You can check this hacky experiment out here.
This was a big project I undertook as I was teaching myself Next.js. After a lot of tweaking I was able to get some decent templates together that I could be proud of. Some of the templates include:
Landing Pages


-> Next.js + TailwindCSS
-> Conversion Optimized
-> Lightning Fast (close to 100 lighthouse audit score)
-> Progressive Web App (PWA)
-> Mobile Responsive
-> SEO setup: meta tags, twitter/facebook image preview etc
You can easily customize the code using the components. Mix and match to tailor your needs.  No need to worry about hooking up packages, debugging _document or setting up PWA/SEO. Everything is done for you and you get a beautiful landing page with multiple pages such as Pricing, Login, FAQ, Contact and more.
You can check this hacky experiment out here.